Friday, January 16, 2009

Four! Four Single Digit Dow Components!

"Ha ha ha ha! "

Now I must admit that bringing out the Count is in response to someone who has told me I don't have any levity or humor on here. Plus, the Count seems so appropriate as our "leaders" - and general populace - seem to be in such dire need of the Count's help in the most basic of areas. This is from the Democrat's stimulus package notes:

"We will provide relief to states, so they can continue to employ teachers, firefighters, and police officers and provide vital services without having to unnecessarily raise middle class taxes."

That this comment has gone unremarked upon just for the yawning gap in logic is commentary enough on the sad state of... well, take your pick. Moving on...

Joining the increasingly less-exclusive club of single digit Dow components was BAC with a stunning two day performance that dropped them from 10 down to 7.13! Well, maybe "stunning" isn't quite right since it can't be "surprising." Perhaps, impressive would be more appropriate. Their achievement finally lifts the velvet rope into the Sub-$10 Club with existing members AA, C, and GM. This could have been a quintet but AIG just became too embarrassing to keep around I guess. Here's a little table of the current contributions of the Dow components as of close today.

It's also kind of a handy table to have in the back of your head for those days when DJI movement doesn't make a lot of sense in comparison to SPX. Also, I do find it kind of interesting the way the mix of companies changes as you move down the table. Nary a financial services provider to be found in that top third.