Saturday, July 7, 2012

Earnings Week of 7/7/12

Earnings season kicks off this Monday with AA leading the charge...

Spreadsheet Link

Don't ask what prompted me to revisit this. (Again.) I didn't see a lot that intrigued me to be honest. A bull put spread on YUM at 62.50-60 seems like a relatively safe play using the 200DMA (62.54) as support and taking advantage of the IV. (Edit: Either Yahoo was wrong (probable) or YUM post-poned until 7/18, so scratch that idea. Plus, YUM busted through the 200DMA already!) Buuuut... I've been absent for a while so take that with a grain of salt. WFC/JPM on Friday. My hunch is that JPM will pull a rabbit out of the hat and wow everyone in light of the ongoing London whale loss story.