Saturday, January 24, 2009

Earnings Week of 1/26/09

Here's the week's earnings table worksheet.

Spreadsheet Link

There are a ton of companies releasing every day. So many that there are too many for me to run through on a detailed basis - you'll have to use the links to investigage on your own. Instead, I'll just note the big names and DJI components but won't have much opinion on them. Plus, as we saw from last week, a whole lot can happen in between Sunday and Thursday.

Monday: DJI components AXP, CAT, and MCD. Oil services HAL. NY-based REIT, SLG. Miner FCX.

Tuesday: DJI components DD & VZ. Refiner VLO.

Wednesday: DJI components T and BA. WFC should be interesting to see if they continue to shuffle around bad mortgages for book-keeping purposes or if they have just TARPed the whole thing. SBUX announced some new layoffs at corporate and I think some new store closings in the last couple of days. We should find out just how much people are cutting back on life's little luxuries.

Thursday: DJI components MMM. WYE announces and they are being targeted by PFE. AMZN announces, though the time is not yet solidified. Speculative solar play of the day is SPWRA. Two airlines in CAL and LCC.

Friday: DJI components CVX, XOM and PG. Combined these 3 companies represent represent just over 20% of the DJIA. An ex-DJI component in HON and mall-owner SPG. This quarter might not be too bad for SPG but look out in the next one as the retail bankruptcies really start to take their toll on the malls in the quarter ahead.

Sorry it's kind of lame today in terms of my commentary. (Even worse than last week.) I'll be looking on a day-by-day basis in the week ahead to see what might be worth playing but to do it all in one morning when everything will likely change in 4 hours trading seems utterly without point. Hopefully, the sheet will be helpful to readers in winnowing the pool of companies releasing to a few that could be worth trading. One last question/request: if anyone knows how to get Google docs to do conditional formatting based on a formula, let me know. The 52-week high/low columns are not highlighting as I have them set to in Excel and it's a nice visual note.