Friday, January 30, 2009

Format Update

I thought that updating the format of this blog to add a linkbar like I see on so many other (better) blogs would be a relatively trivial affair. Then I dove into the morass of sites purporting to help make your blog slicker. Ironically, these sites are so jammed with gadgets, ads and columns that they become for all purposes unusable.

A couple different (and very nice) templates only served to screw up so much of the positioning of charts I'd worked on in my posts that I unloaded and returned to Minima and finally found a site to help me with the linkbar problem. I'm still not very happy with it, so if there are any readers that know how to shrink the height of it and could let me know, I'd be most appreciative.

Here's the substance of the change: for now only the NYMEX Charts tab is active. It leads to a page with charts showing crude oil open interest, price and spread that I'll try to update as frequently as time allows. I'm debating about also having a tab for the week's earnings table so that it can be easily located as well. Any opinions on this are welcome.