Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earnings Week of 02/02

Here's the weeks' earnings spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet Link

Once again, a heavy week of releases. And again, I'm going to beg off of commentary and only note the big names. There is no point in speculating on what might happen in two day's time (or even two hours' time, the way things are going) so this will just have to stand as a reference.

Monday: Some middling names like HUM and AFL. One company that I like to hear about is SYY since they are a very large supplier to the restaurant industry.

Tuesday: Oil guys BP and MRO. DJI component DIS. UPS will be worth listening to as a signal of the broad economy. Several biotech companies are out but earnings period is rarely when the big moves happen for these guys. Conglomerate TYC reports along with YUM, purveyor of Taco Bell among others.

Wednesday: New DJI component KFT. V could be interesting considering AXP's slides from a week ago and what they saw. Keep in mind that V and AXP have different models though. V doesn't lend its own money out (nor does MA for that matter) and so they rely significantly on fees from their branded cards. Keep that in mind when listening to their numbers. CSCO could shed some light on tech spending forecasts (or lack thereof).

Thursday: MA (see above). Oil services DO. Recently pounded insurer HIG. I'll mention MCO because they really should be getting slammed more in the media as part of the bond ratings story that isn't getting quite as much attention as it probably should. K could tell us a bit about consumer staple spending patterns. (Shifting to store brands?)

Friday: TM... getting hammered with all the rest of the automakers. They are putting up year-over-year numbers that are depression quality. WY is near a 52-week low (deservedly so I'd say) and might be worth listening to for their forecast.

That's it on this topic. I'll make a request if anyone has a good way to get Google Docs to maintain formatting rules, I would appreciate a comment. The time it takes for me to change the format rules isn't worth it for me.