Sunday, February 8, 2009

Earnings Week of 02/09

Here's the weeks' earnings spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet Link

Once again this week I think I am going to reserve comment on any specific plays. The volatility and bullishness predicated on massive government intervention/bailout of the financials has shown that this market is not trading on any fundamentals but the hope of fundamental improvement as relayed to the market by the howler monkeys on CNBC. That being said, there are fewer of the really big names left to announce. And the lower float, higher short interest and more historically volatile companies are scheduled so it could be an interesting week in that regard. It's just that trying to predict a position on Sunday when SPX could be +5% by Tuesday is absurd.

Monday: BCS and take-over subject ROH. Others that might be interesting to watch are ENER, SOHU, VMC and WHR. This is based mostly on their days to cover and in a few cases, recollection of earnings plays in the past that worked out for me.

Tuesday: AMAT should be noted as the largest player in the semiconductor cap equipment space. UBS also comes out. CERN has a large short interest at roughly 11 days to cover. YGE is always a speculative football.

Wednesday: Restaurants BWLD, CMG, & PFCB. Bank CS. Homebuilder TOL. Some of the restaurants fall into the low float, high short interest category and could be interesting to watch.

Thursday: Hotelier MAR - there have been a lot of stories floating around for those paying attention about the low occupancy rates in hotels. Their projection should shed some light on the forecast for business travel, itself a proxy for business health. Restaurant PNRA, DJI component KO, oil TOT...

Friday the 13th: Teen store ANF. PEP comes out. I do hope they get trounced for no other reason than to keep them from producing the worst Super Bowl commercials in the broadcast. Another in the hotel group - WYN.

That's it for this week on this topic. I might get back to individual plays next week as there are even fewer to look at.