Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earnings Week of 4/20

Here's the week's earnings spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet Link

Notice: Google docs is not allowing me to upload the spreadsheet for some reason. Apparently, they caught the Yahoo bug. I'll try again in an hour or so to upload it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Update: Google docs is functioning again. Not sure what exactly the problem was. However, it's now late and I don't have time for a full-on analysis. I'll try to do one tomorrow. Suffice to say that there are a TON of companies big and small this week. One note on the filtering... there were so many on the 23rd that they were overflowing the number of lines that I had created the IV approximation and other queries for. So, I limited the parameters further to a prior month option volume of 5000 and a minimum share price of 7.50. The results are on the tab 0423-B. The other tabs use the standard 2500 volume and > $5 share price. My apologies for the lack of commentary.

Buckle up for the week and be careful!