Sunday, December 21, 2008

Earnings Week of 12/22 (Why Bother? edition)

Suffice to say that this will be a light activity week in the trading and financial world. And the earnings release schedule is certainly reflective of it. It is so light - as you'll soon see - that it's not even worth posting up the link to the spreadsheet. This actually worked out well, since my macro sheet required some maintenance and updating with a new op-ex calendar for 2009 and so on.

Monday: RHT (Red Hat) and WAG (Walgreen's) release. Break-even percentage moves are +11.16/-29.26 and +12.15/-10.85 respectively. Neither have been historically volatile immediately around earnings but have moved considerably between release and op-ex so perhaps watching for a directional signal at that point would be wiser.

Tuesday: Nothing made it through the filter. For the sake of completeness, MU releases but I have no commentary to offer on them.

Rest of week: Nothing at all. Truly, a slow week. Enjoy Christmas!